Below you'll find all 30 videos and a link to download all 12 slide decks of the Innovation Essentials course.

The content is based on my MBA teaching, innovation consultancy and my new book, "Be Less Zombie: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people."

Please share it with as many people and companies who you think might benefit from it.

I'm already working on the next version of this course so please get in touch with any feedback at: elvin.turner@belesszombie.com

I also run bespoke, deeper dive versions of this course (online or in-person) and many other innovation, leadership and culture courses, so please get in touch if you'd like to discuss something specific.

Based on content from my MBA teaching, innovation consultancy and my new book:

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This video introduces the strategic context for why organisational and personal innovation capabilities are more important than ever.

This video explains how bureaucracy gradually dulls organisational focus and relevance, and blocks transformational innovation.

This video introduces the deliberate focus that distinguishes the world's greatest innovators.



Why an innovation strategy is a crucial part of great innovation performance, and how great innovators think from the future.

This video introduces the essential building blocks of a sustainable innovation strategy.

This video introduces a metric that motivates the whole organisation to align behind a higher innovation performance state.



How reduce the risk of innovation by focusing on what matters most from the start.

How to identify powerful hidden insights in customer situations to create maximum focus and creativity in your innovation.

How understanding what isn't changing can help us to predict future more accurately.



Question design is a source of competitive advantage that most organisations overlook.


Here's how to get started.

The essential process for designing questions that provoke

breakthrough ideas.

How to apply questions to three crucial areas of an organisation and embed them in everyday life.



Introducing six elements that have a fundamental impact on personal and team creativity, that most organisations overlook.

Stress, fatigue and many other biological factors shut down creativity but are common in most workplaces. Here's how to start re-humanising creativity and innovation.

Your office building is likely to crush creativity. Here's what you can do about it.

The speed of business is usually too fast for bold ideas to emerge successfully. Here are some practical tools to help.

Better ideas tend to emerge when a diverse group comes together. But it turns out that some kinds of diversity matter more than others...

Bolder ideas usually challenge the status quo and need the right kind of management sponsorship to survive. Here are some practical tools for navigating the sponsorship journey.



Experiments lower the risk of innovation and reduce the fear of pursuing bolder ideas. Here's how to get started.

Many ideas fail because they were trying to answer the wrong question. This video explains how to find the assumptions you need to test before going any further with your idea.

This video gives you the essential tools and process for designing effective innovaton experiments.



How to help your idea stay alive for long enough to understand whether it really should receive more investment.

What are the most important elements to share about your idea to ensure that stakeholders engage with it properly?

What are the four essential stories that you need to be able to tell about your idea, and what experience should you create around them?



Your great idea isn't enough - it needs a business model. Here's how to start designing one.

An overview of how to work with freemium business models, including examples from Candy Crush, Dropbox, RedHat.

Note: This video was originally produced for CABI and is used with its permission.

An overview of how to work with subscription business models including examples from Amazon, Netflix, Sky, Spotify and Adobe.

Note: This video was originally produced for CABI and is used with its permission.

An overview of how to work with advertising business models.

Note: This video was originally produced for CABI and is used with its permission.

An overview of the customer usage, or pay-per-use business model.

Note: This video was originally produced for CABI and is used with its permission.

An overview of how to work with licencing business models.

Note: This video was originally produced for CABI and is used with its permission.

For bespoke, deeper-dive courses on innovation, leadership and culture, please contact: elvin.turner@belesszombie.com

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