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released on 28.2.20


How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people


Lurking under the boardroom table in almost every organisation is a force trying to pull it into irrelevance.


Organisations are lurching their way toward an increasingly uncertain future but still using tools, ideas and processes designed for different era.


Call it entropy, complacency or plain old fear, the ‘zombie factor’ is at work everywhere. And if you’re not deliberate about exorcising it from your midst, its gradual suffocating force will slowly pull you down. Just ask Blockbuster, Kodak, HP, Blackberry and a long list of other once untouchable companies.


I’m witnessing a growing sense of panic and hopelessness amongst executives. Too few original ideas are making it through the system to make a difference. And for those few souls brave and passionate enough to fight the system with their bold idea, the will to persist is fading.

Be Less Zombie is a behind-the-scenes handbook which brings lessons from companies that are reinventing the way they work to expel the zombie factor. It’s a mix of practical tools, real-life stories from the trenches and advice on building teams and organisations that are more agile, innovative and relevant for the age ahead.

Whether you work for a decaying megacorp, a red-hot start-up, or somewhere in between, Be Less Zombie will be essential reading.


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