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A world-class video training programme that puts the tools of legendary innovators into your hands for instant application

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Individual Plan

Grow your innovation skills

Innovation is rated as one of the most desired skills by leaders in careers surveys. Yet few organisations invest in high-quality innovation training for their people. Take control of your own innovation learning journey now.

Price: £299 (including VAT)

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Team Plan

Build team innovation capabilities

When team members go through the Amplify Innovation programme together they build a shared innovation culture, a powerful skillset, and practical action plan that they can immediately turn into action.

Price: £2499 (+VAT) for up to 10 people

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Enterprise Plan

Create a sustainable innovation culture

Amplify Innovation helps build a common mindset, language, focus and skillset amongst all leaders, managers and employees. It also creates actionable innovation plans for all teams - increasing agility, collaboration and performance.

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