Be Less Zombie book front cover


Based on practical tools and approaches from Be Less Zombie: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership & passionate people


Turn up your team's innovation performance this summer with a 30-day 'team accelerator'

  • Create a more entrepreneurial team culture

  • Turn bolder ideas into action faster

  • Lower the stakes of innovation

  • Create more time to innovate

  • Increase team agililty

  • Boost team energy



  • A copy of Be Less Zombie for every team member

  • Questions to prompt new thinking at each section of the book


  • Team performance workshop guide

  • Team action planning tools

  • Team engagement resources for line managers to kickstart the book club effectively


  • Access to 30+ innovation training videos (linked to the book)


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  • "Sprint read" the book as a team

  • Challenge your conventions with guided team questions

  • Define your team's 'new normal' for the season ahead

  • Co-design new ways of working

  • Turn ideas into action with planning framework

  • Develop new innovation skills with supplementary videos

  • Read the book together

  • Apply the discussion guide

  • Transform team performance

Be Less Zombie is deliberately written in short chapters for busy people with limited time.


Teams can choose their reading speed: