Solving the "I literally have no time" epidemic

October 22, 2018


No-one has enough time. It's slowly strangling companies'​ performance, innovation and ultimately their existence. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Most days at least one person that I'm coaching will tell me:


  • I’m in back-to-back meetings so have no time to do any work

  • I have endless email, most of which is irrelevant to my job

  • I’m constantly interrupted which makes it hard to focus on anything for very long

  • There’s an expectation on me to reply to everything instantly

  • I’m overwhelmed by administrative tasks that add little real value to the business

  • I’m barely getting the day job done

  • I have no time to think or plan well

  • I don’t have time to learn

  • I have no time to develop my team

  • I have limited energy and desire to challenge others – just let it go

  • I have no time to have meaningful business conversations with colleagues

  • “We desperately need more innovation but no-one has time. The leaders don’t seem to get it.”


The outcome?


  • I almost always get home after the kids are in bed

  • I’m usually distracted at home – I’m there but not really present

  • It’s normal to start work again once the kids are in bed


We have a time crisis

Time is supposed to be our most precious asset. But my experience is that most companies have inadvertently designed themselves to squander it.

Bureaucracy, metrics and culture conspire to prevent people from doing their best work. That drains people’s motivation and robs the company of the performance that it hired them for in the first place.


For many, a sense of futility has kicked in. A shrug of the shoulders and a “what’s-the-point-in-trying-to-change-it?” look in their eye. The tail is truly wagging the dog.



But through my work with companies around the world, I know that a different way of working is possible. I've seen it and it's completely obtainable for every individual, team and organisation.


When people get their time back, a sense of purpose and motivation are restored, productivity is higher, and value-sucking activities are shut down before their numbing capacity kicks in.


That’s why I’m launching “TIMEOUT” – a one-day workshop that transforms the way teams think about time, work, value creation, energy and performance. 


The workshop is based on first-hand experience with some of the world's most innovative companies, extensive research, and my own range of practical innovation tools that are designed to help teams make breakthroughs in every area of their performance.


Companies who recognise that, if time really is money, then the way that people experience and utilise that time is one of the most important priorities of the company.


If you'd like to know more about the TIMEOUT or invite me to speak at an event on this topic, please get in touch at


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